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"The Music Powers That BeTo Succeed In The Music Industry" by Cirocco

Professional guidance, contacts, music business information, real help & resources for unsigned artists, songwriters, & producers 





The Music Powers That Be v4.13

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The Music Powers book wins at The International Summit Awards and is also part of the curriculum of various Music Production & Music Business Schools, including the 
Pacific Audio Video Institute

The Music Powers That Be e-Book v4.13

· Artist, Producer, Songwriter Payments
· Selling Beats & Tracks, Music Producer Points
· Terrestrial Radio, New Technology, Web
· iTunes, Internet Radio, Streaming, Youtube
· How to create a "Buzz" or Movement
· Getting Songs placed
· How to start a music publishing company?
· Publishing Deals & Songwriter deals
· Why Radio only plays the same 30-40 songs
· Record Deals, Advances, Loans "How much?"
· Managers and Publishing conflicts
· Production Deals, Flow Through deals
· What's a fair standard percentage to pay?
· Hiring a Music Attorney & How much?
· Finding Gigs & Booking Agents
· Sample Clearance & Mixtapes
· How much to charge for vocal sessions
· Getting Radio Play
· Producer Payments & Royalties
· Artist payments and Royalties
· How to set up a indie record label company?
· How to find good Management
· Production Deals, Budgets, Taxes, Accounting
· How much do you pay producers?
· "All-In" Deals, paying Producers and options
· Pro Recording, Pro Mixing, & Mastering Tips
· Management & Attorney Directory
· Talent Agents, Record Pools/DJs
· Detailed Contacts & Submission Info

Getting real help and direction is one of the most important things that you can do to succeed in the music industry.

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The Award-winning 

The Music Powers That Be e-Book


"The Business of Selling & Leasing Beats"

"The Music Powers That Be" is helping Producers, Musicians, Songwriters, New Talent, and Managers

get a career in the music biz, make better deals, and succeed every day.

The Music Powers book is one of the best reviewed Music Business books of recent years-



“…There is nothing out here like this. Music Powers should be required reading for all Artists, Record Producers and Managers who want to be on top, and is without doubt, a must have!”

--Mr. Collipark (DJ Smurf)

Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Nominated Producer

for: Soulja Boy, Jamie Foxx, Chingy, Ciara


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