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Music Business

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The 2012-13 Management Contact Book

Music Business Contracts

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Music Powers
"Absolutely the best music industry guide with professional advice, music business information, contacts, help and resources for up-and-coming Artists, Producers, Songwriters, and Managers."

The award-winning "The Music Powers That Be" is a breakthrough collaborative effort of many top music industry record producers, entertainment attorneys, music managers, songwriters, engineers, record industry vocalists, radio consultants, talent agencies, and radio djs. It's like having an All-Star Team or Mix Tape of established music business professionals who have already had Certified Gold & Platinum Sales Award success, come together to help you make better decisions to get a career in the music industry; get "insider" information about the way the industry really works; learn about production contracts, finding management; record deals, and the business side of music. There are also music industry manager contacts, recommended music lawyers, and business contract information for music producers, songwriters, and artists. The Music Powers book project was developed for artists, songwriters and producers with more talent than money.

"I want to congratulate you on writing such an awesome book. I've read books by Kashif and Donald Passman, but your book is my favorite because of the information you have for music producers trying to get in the game."
Thank You! ~Kalaral - Louisiana

The Music Powers music business book is one of the best reviewed business books of recent years, and has also won at The International Summit Awards. Also, if you are trying to get production information on how to Sell Beats in the music industry, then "The Business of Selling and Leasing Beats" chapter will guide you through all of the steps, producer contract agreements, payments, points %, sampling issues, and contract options you will need to consider as a producer, beat maker, engineer, or music manager.

There is also music publishing information, pro recording and mixing advice, selling beats and leasing music tracks information, along with great real-world advice from some of the best producers, managers, songwriters, and music attorneys of many of the top recording artists in the industry. Also, the music management, music booking agents, and music attorney sections have been updated.

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