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Music Business Professional Pack

The Music Powers Professional 4-Pack

For Producers, Managers, Artists, Songwriters & Indies


The Music Powers That Be

   “The Music Powers That Be” 367-page printable e-Book

The Award-winning, "The Music Powers That Be" v4.13 e-Book Download   "...Absolutely the best music industry book of professional guidance, contacts, Music business information, real help & resources for unsigned artists & producers.”

Developed by producer/consultant Cirocco, the “Music Powers” e-book is one of the best reference books available for new talent to make better choices to get in the music business, and also succeed in the music industry. The book features exclusive “inside” advice from Grammy Winners, Grammy Nominees, and Award-winning, history making, Billboard #1 Hit songwriters, producers, and companies.  Music Powers is also the only book that covers the subject of the new music industry trade of “Selling & Leasing Beats” for Record Producers, Musicians, DJs, and Programmers.

"The Business of Selling & Leasing Beats"

for Producers, Programmers, Studios and Beat-makers

Manager, Agent, Attorney Directory

Music Industry Management, Attorney & Booking Agent e-Book
Music Managers - Artist & Producer Management Contacts (updated)   Music Managers for Pop, Country, Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Urban, Rock, Gospel Managers, Christian Music Managers, and other music genres.  This is one of the best music manager contact directories ever published. There are also Management Company contacts that are not available in any other book, web listing or music directory.


Professional Music Business Contract Bundle Download

Producer Declaration Contract, Songwriter/Publisher Split-Sheet Agreement, Mechanical License Contract, Producer Royalty Agreement, Artist Producer Contract, Studio Agreement, Payment Agreement, Producer Manager Agreement, Master Recording License, Co-Publishing Agreement

Music Industry Contacts

Access to Music Powers 24/365 Music Industry Contacts
Gig & Music Internship Postings, Music Managers, A&R, PR, Promotion Companies, Music Attorney Contacts, Deal-Makers, Record Labels Contacts. There are also postings for Showcases, Singers, Producers, Engineers & Industry Internships.

"Helping Producers, Artists, Indies, Songwriters, and Managers succeed in the music business every day."

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"I have read Music Powers, and it is absolutely incredible. I am an upcoming songwriter, as well as publisher, as well as singer, and this has given me insight and the confidence I need to head to the top.
Thanks so much for the information! GOD bless, with lots of respect"
~ Elizabeth "Charli" Albert

Full Sail Student Testimonial

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