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If you’re really serious about making it in the music industry, and you’ve got talent, then The Music Powers Book can help you. The book provides the best advice from many of the top music industry advisors , along with the music industry contacts all musicians, producers and artists essentially need.

Music Powers was developed by Record Producer Cirocco. The idea was to put together a book for the creative musiciannot lawyers. A book that would help both new and established Artists, Songwriters, and Producers in Urban/Pop (Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Gospel, and Pop) music - especially with some of the key Music Business and Industry issues; picking out good Management, Hiring a Music Attorney, Hiring A Record Producer, and “What’s fair?”;  Publishing, Producer, Artist  & Songwriting contract concerns; Selling & Leasing Beats information (we are the only book that has this); advice on getting your records into retail stores (from retailers);  Pro Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering Tips (from Grammy Winners); Advice to get Radio Play & picking a hit record (from Major Radio DJs & Consultants); Indie Distribution; Producer Advances; Producer Budgets & Templates; Taxes; How To Create a "Buzz"; the best Studios & Production Tools; Top Managers looking for talent; The BEST Hip-Hop and R&B/Pop Music Industry Contacts; Indie Label Advice, and of course, the biggest concerns regarding your Recording and Publishing Deal. The Music Powers Book is simply the best help and resource book we know of.  


Michael Crooms aka DJ Smurf aka Beat-n-Azz, Mr. Collipark

“There is nothing out here like this!  Music Powers should be required reading for all Artists, Record Producers and Managers who want to be on top, and is without doubt - a must have!”
-Mr. Collipark aka DJ Smurf - Michael Crooms - CEO -Collipark Records



"The Music Powers Book is very important in our industry. Music Powers was prepared by consummate and highly respected music professionals - for individuals who are in the business or wish to get in the business. It is a musical bible of business, providing information for individuals seeking to become Music Industry Insiders"

     -Joel Katz - Entertainment Attorney - Represents Christina Aguilera, Sheryl Crow, Collective Soul, LA Reid, Teddy Riley, Scooter Braun, Dallas Austin, and many of the world’s best-known Artists, Producers & Record Labels


“My advice to get in this music biz and actually be successful is to study your craft, learn the business, and look to Music Powers to help guide you in the right direction!”


                Emperor Searcy – On-Air Radio Personality & DJ on Atlanta’s WHTA FM HOT-107.9 & The National Mix-Show Coordinator for Radio One / Producer & Executive - BME Recordings (Lil Jon, Trillville & Lil Scrappy)


“Music Powers is without doubt a major step in the direction of providing those who wish to engage in the music business with the information and resources necessary to launch careers on both the business and the creative sides of music. Now that this resource is available to the public - there should be no excuses in regards to artists, managers, producers, songwriters and others lack of understanding about the music business” 
Willie Hunter Entertainment Reporter


"Everybody in the music business needs this book... Now!"  And if you're trying to 'get in' the biz  - everything you'll need to know is in this book.  I wish I had Music Powers when I first started.  I need it now!

     -Debra Killings - Producer, Artist, Songwriter & Vocalist

Debra's work can be found on some of the Biggest R&B Hits of the past decade, including monster releases by OutKast, TLC, Tamia and Monica.



“I wish I had this kind of information
when I first started out.
Actually, Music Powers is an incredible resource tool for me right now!”
- Alvin Speights
Mix Engineer & Producer


Grammy Winner

4-time Grammy Winner and Over 100 RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum Awards. Clients include: Outkast, India Arie, TLC, JT Money, Jermaine Dupri and Madonna.

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